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Valli del Bitto SpA is a means of giving concrete solidarity and support to Heritage Bitto in order to preserve a cultural patrimony of the territory made up of traditions inherited from past generations, of technical capabilities, of knowledge and practices dictated by nature. It promotes Storico in the local and international markets by participating in the most important Slow Food exhibitions and in the best speciality food and wine fairs.
If we are to safeguard the traditions of Heritage cheese of Bitto valley we cannot ignore modern channels of communication and globalisation: the internet has played a key role in forming well informed consumers who look abroad for GOOD, CLEAN AND RIGHT products.
Food doesn’t only represent pleasure but is becoming a real “agricultural act” (C:Petrini) if it is produced respecting the environment and traditions.
The promotion of Storico reflects the need to rethink a model of agricultural development that is both fair and sustainable, and which favours biodiversity.

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