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Today the Consortium for the Safeguard of Heritage cheese of Bitto valley unites 12 producers who continue to produce this cheese using the traditional method: each of these associates works to maintain a series of practical traditions in the summer pastures and supplies the Centre in Gerola Alta with the cheeses produced during the summer season. The products are taken care of in the natural cellars of the Bitto Centre where they can reach the excellent level of quality required for recognition by the Slow Food Organisation.
The cheese cellar or Bitto Centre in Gerola Alta, is run by Valli del Bitto trading spa, a limited company set up in 2003 according to the wishes of Paolo Ciapparelli and other local entrepreneurs.
Thanks to their enthusiasm and to the contributions of the founding members, joined over the years by numerous smaller shareholders, the company has supported the traditional production, guaranteeing an ethical price for the cheese producers who work the summer pastures.
This guarantee has strengthened the union of the faithful traditional method producers, who can count upon an organisation able to promote their products, their professionality and their enthusiasm.

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