"Cheese is one of the agrifood products that most characterize and are most firmly rooted in the place they belong to, the result of centuries-old traditions and unique production chains. If this is true of cheese in general, it is true in particular of that of the Bergamo area. More specifically, Bergamo holds the European record for PDO cheeses – nine, to be precise – and boasts many others of great quality, such as the “Formaggi Principi delle Orobie” (FPO),the Prime Cheeses of the Orobie Alps."
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Storico Slow Food Presidia - Heritage cheese of Bitto valley is one of the Prime Cheeses of Orobie Alps with Stracchino all'antica, Strachitunt, Agrì di Valtorta, Orobic goat cheeses, Branzi and Formai de Mut.

Bitto Storico

Heritage and expression of heroic mountain agriculture

Capra Orobica
Orobic goat

Hardly and native breed, milk used in Storico production

M Branzi

Cow cheese made in Branzi dairy, Valle Brembana

M Agri di Valtorta
Agrì di Valtorta

Soft fresh cheese of Alta Val Brembana

M strachitunt

Blue cheese with natural mold

M formai de mut
Formai de Mut

PDO of Alta Valle Brembana with cow milk

M Stracchino valligiano
Stracchino all'antica

Whole raw curd cow’s cheese, Slow Food Presidia

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