Valli del Bitto Trading SpA (trading company) was set up in 2003 by Paolo Ciapparelli, who was already  president of the Consorzio Salvaguardia Bitto, together with ten other passionate local entrepreneurs. The creation of a commercial company to support the production of Heritage cheese of Bitto valley turned out to be a good choice which has given years of security to the
producers in spite of the difficulties that Heritage cheese has had to face. The company buys the cheese at an ethical price which covers the increased costs involved when using traditional methods of production requiring many more hours of work.
The “Valli del Bitto Trading Company” is a means of expressing real solidarity, with local farseeing businessmen supporting the cause of Storico. They have risked (and continue to risk) their own money, motivated by a sincere passion for this product,
symbol of their land, which was disappearing. Over several years, the founding members of the company have been joined by others who have shared the values represented by Heritage cheese of the Bitto valley, allowing the Company to build the Bitto Centre in Gerola Alta, with a cheese cellar which is the pride of our territory.

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Producers together to save Heritage

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Ethics and corporate social responsibility

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Supporting Heritage cheese of Bitto valley cause

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